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Electrofusion fittings are parts required for a method of joining polyethylene pipes. The electrofusion method is widely preferred for joining polyethylene pipes, especially for gas and water installations. This method is based on the principle of applying electric current to resistance wires inside electrofusion fittings, melting the fittings and welding the pipes together. Electrofusion fittings are available in various shapes and sizes and depending on the application, there are different types such as elbows, tees, reducers, couplings.

Elbow Fittings: Used when the pipeline needs to change direction.
Tee Fittings: Used when a branch needs to be removed from the pipeline.
Reduction Fittings: Used when pipes of different diameters need to be joined.
Coupling Fittings: Used for joining pipes of the same diameter.

When installing electrofusion fittings, it is important to clean, align and weld the pipes and fittings at the correct temperature and time. This method is preferred because it provides a fast and reliable joining. Furthermore, the sealing performance of the joints is high, which minimizes the risk of water and gas leakage.