What is Electrofusion?

Electrofusion is a method of welding by applying heating by means of electric current. In this method, it heats the attachment (coupling) by applying electric current at the values suitable for the parts determined. The parts that are heated to their melting point are fixed to each other thanks to the additional part (sleeve). Before fixing, it should be ensured that the parts on which the application will be made are in molten state.

Before the process, it should be ensured that the machines can give the required current. The identified parts should not be brought into a fixation state before they are melted, as this will result in an unsuccessful result. The unsuccessful results to be obtained cause an unpleasant situation such as wasting both the effort and the expenses. For this reason, we must be very careful at every step of this process.

What is Electrofusion Welding Machine?

Electrofusion welding machines are computer-controlled machines used for welding HDPE-PP-PVDF pipes with a diameter of 20-1600 mm and electrofusion fittings up to 10-32 bar. These machines provide powerful, easy and rapid welding with the shortest installation process in accordance with the ISO 12176-1 International standard. It is lightweight and very easy to use. The electrofusion machine has a maximum operating resistance of 120 Amps. It is suitable for operation at -15 C° ~ + 60 C° ambient temperature.

How is Electrofusion Welding Made?

Before electrofusion welding is done, it should be checked that the welding will be done. If there is a bump or pit, it should be taken care of and the area smoothed out. Afterwards, all machines where welding will be applied should be carefully controlled. It should be ensured that the machines are not damaged and work perfectly, and that they are cleaned. It is not possible to weld properly with damaged machines. The cleanliness of the Maine is also very important.

Electrofusion surfaces to be welded should be cleaned with oxygenated water after all the attachments to be used during welding are removed from their special protective sheath, box or packaging. After this step, hand contact of both pipes and fittings should be avoided. A sterile surface directly affects the results of the treatment, so this step should not be skipped.

After the machines are checked and maintained, the pipes to be welded are checked. The surfaces of the pipes to be welded must be clean. In addition to cleaning, the surfaces should be shaved and made perfect. After making sure that the surfaces are perfect and clean, the electrofusion welding process can be started.

Then the inserted pipe is brought to the bearing limit of the fitting from the marked part. Electrofusion welding ends are checked straight with the pipe, and then fixed. Welding machine sockets are placed on the welding ends of the attachment and made ready for welding.

It is expected that the machine will give the ready signal for the welding process. After the ready signal is received, the welding parameters are entered into the machine with a barcode reader or manually. After the parameters are entered, the welding process is started. Generally, the machines reflect the time to be welded on the machine screen, and after the process is finished, they automatically turn off and give an end signal.

If a problem occurs during welding, the molten materials may splash around and harm the people around. For this reason, in order to ensure safety and prevent injuries, you should stay at least one meter away during the procedure and never approach it. If problems such as power cuts or damage to cables occur during the welding process, it should be waited for the pipes to cool before approaching the pipes or starting the process again. Otherwise, worse results may occur. Since the cooling times of each machine are different, it is useful to contact your company to get this information.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Working Method

The type of electricity required for the operation of the electrofusion welding machine is 220 V. Electrofusion sleeve, electrofusion Service TE and probe cables are connected to the sockets of electrofusion fittings, and barcode readings determined by the manufacturer on the attachment with the help of barcode reader. In this way, welding parameters are determined automatically and the machine is started and electric current is given according to the desired voltage value and time. At the end of the time, the resource is finished, and the report of the resource is transferred to the memory.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Usage Areas

These machines, which combine PE, PP, PVDF plastic pipes and electrofusion fittings, are used in different fields. Generally, it offers an effective bonding opportunity in all areas where there is liquid transfer such as waste water, clean water and sea discharge. It has been designed especially in the repair process of pipelines, to operate extremely quickly and at minimum cost. Thanks to its technological equipment, it creates long-lasting products. Electrofusion welding machines provide the connection of pipes in PE, PP, PVDF material up to 0-120 Amperes with additional parts up to min.40 max.2800 mm diameter.

These welding machines allow the product to provide a high performance with its special design and useful structure.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Technical Specifications

Total electricity consumption, operating pressure and required generator power vary depending on the machine type. DVS 2207-1, DVS2207-11, ISO 21307 provides powerful, easy and serial source reporting with the shortest operational setup in accordance with international standards. Butt welding machines provide ease of use thanks to their light structure. The maximum working resistance of these machines is designed as 120 Amperes. It is suitable for operation at -15 C° ~+60 C° ambient temperature.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Price

The prices of the machines vary according to the source diameter of the product. As the weld diameter increases, the price of electrofusion welding machines increases.

Electrofusion welding machine prices vary according to each company. There may be natural changes in prices due to the benefits of quality standards. In addition, the size of the product is an important factor in the increase or decrease of its price. Our advice to you is that you don't buy a product just because it's cheap. The price of a product is important, but the quality is much more important. We strive to provide you with the best service with good quality and reasonable prices in our company and we are proud of our effort.

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